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This is a post. Niche Gamer occasionally uses hosts or affiliate links sponsored articles -- read more about how this works here. Last November, MapleStory 2 issued a care --as they do a limitation --to enhance the match. There are changes which MapleStory2 Mesos have been made involved the Black Market in order to remove Meso farmers that sell and buy Maplestory 2 mesos.

For all those of you who aren't familiar with what the Black Market is in MapleStory conditions, the Black Market is where players may list their particular sellable items and purchase other players' listed items for Mesos. The Black Market has been available to all until the latest update came around and set a limitation as to who will go to the marketplace.

Possibly the most damning change that the programmers of MapleStory 2 have brought to the audience is that in order to list a product on the Black Market or initiate a transaction with another participant, you must be at least level 60 to achieve that. Assessing the nail in the coffin, just level 50 higher or players are able to buy an item in the Black Market or take transactions from other players.

As stated by the ongoing investigations by the developers of this game, there's been rampant unintended usage of those trading systems such as the Black Market by Meso farmers at ranges that are low-level. The end result of that is a wobbly fluctuationin market prices, leaving the market. Just there have been more than 20,000 malicious accounts which were banned to fight this issue. Clearly, Nexon is drawing the linewith more constraints against trades and Meso sellers now.

While few Maplers have really applauded this reform, most of them were understandably outraged with this update and mingled with the grievance of unfair treatment. Although nobody would actually back up for the Mesos purchase and sell aspect of it, players got more furious and irate toward the new conditions. This was especially the case with novices and old players trying to level up their characters in various servers. As new players greatly depend on saving money in exchange for fundamental fostering supplies that you can buy from the Black Market, these kinds of market constraints can slowly push the game. Even more constraints in the future may prompt the ire of playersas they will have to spend more time and effort simply to attempt to reach level 60.

The real insanity of the restriction is that it literally cuts loose of any legitimate trades between low-level players at the Black Market. So a level 20 or lower player will no longer be able to buy orange potions from the Black Market Buy MS2 Mesos. And the worst part is that a participant of the amount (or lower) will not have the ability to afford to purchase those supplies and other gear as well from anywhere else as other places that offer these items sell their products at utterly ludicrous prices. Thinking about raising more cash by selling any of your items? Well, you can forget about that because you're excluded from transactions at the Market owing to your level.

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